The purpose of this manual is to address the questions people might ask.

  1. Is it a privacy violation to broadcast a bar or a place on the web?

    Answer: The short answer is No. According to the law, Modern tort law includes four categories of invasion of privacy:

    • Intrusion of solitude: physical or electronic intrusion into one's private quarters.
    • Public disclosure of private facts: the dissemination of truthful private information which a reasonable person would find objectionable.
    • False light: the publication of facts which place a person in a false light, even though the facts themselves may not be defamatory.
    • Appropriation: the unauthorized use of a person's name or likeness to obtain some benefits.

    Because the bar or place is not the private place of patrons and it is rather a public place for patrons, it is conceived that the patron does not have the right to claim the privacy.

    One advice for the bar/place owners is to post a sign on the entrance wall stating that “the place is broadcasted on the web lively” may protect the owner being challenged by people.

  2. Is it required for a place owner to switch live video and recoded video manually at each shift?
    Answer: No, when you set up the bar, go to Enter Weekly Schedule link and enter the business hours there. Then, the system will automatically switch between live video and recoded video based on the hours defined without human intervention.

  3. Is it possible to upload multiple recoded videos?
    Answer: Yes, go to Upload Video link on the video broadcaster admin console and upload as many video files as you want. The system will play them in sequence.

  4. How to download and configure FMLE?
    Answer: Please follow the following steps to download and configure FMLE
    a)   Please visit http://www.adobe.com/products/flash-media-encoder.html to download the latest version of FMLE.
    b)   Install FMLE on your computer.
    c)   Run FlashMediaLiveEncoder.exe and add FMS Url and stream name.

    *** You can find the stream name on Weekly Schedule page, and FMS Url will be provided by the admin. ****